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GURU=From Darkness to Light

It's Not about the Bike! It's about the Story behind the bike!

GURU as a definition, is taking someone from darkness to light. This is why I purchased this bike. The name alone and the definition of it sold me. It is not the fanciest of Triathlon bikes. In Fact, It was sold to me as a "practical and solid bike, an entry level triathlon TT bike" as I entered my triathlon adventure in September of 2014. I have only seen 5 out there the past two seasons of training and racing. I am grateful for it. I have spent over 22,000 miles on it the past two years and it is a beautiful thing!

As I enter the final weeks of training for my last race this season, my 19th triathlon in the past two years I have come to appreciate it even more. It is not about the bike, but the motivation of the person racing on it. I race for purpose, I race to contribute to the greater good. I race to push my limits, I race to show and teach others you can overcome dark internal thoughts and manifest what you want to achieve and give back to others when you think BIG! The podium finishes do not drive my purpose. The coaching of others and giving back to others fuel my soul. Helping others see they can do more, be more, and contribute more drive me.

As I finish my second season of triathlon I am grateful. I am thankful for my playing for purpose athletes I coach. I am thankful for coach Antonio Gonzalez and Tri Town Boise for building me into an efficient triathlete. I am thankful for my GURU. Playing for Purpose with the support and partnership of Tri Town has contributed to cancer patients, Local non-profits in Boise, and will continue to contribute to all those we can as we grow as a triathlete coaching service and apparel company. Thank you for your support and encouragement.

-Playing for Purpose, USAT Level I Certified Personal Coaching and apparel sales, We contribute to the greater good. Profits benefit education and heath causes.

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