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Mindfulness, Goals, and Results

Mindfulness, Goals, and Results Examined

I make no excuses about it, you have to do the work, and you need to develop the ability through optimistic failure, failing forward, to learn to do the work in order to achieve great results. The sequence and timing looks different for everyone, because we all have different and unique obstacles and challenges to overcome. What often gets in the way of doing the work though, are our perceived excuses and distractions, and our lack of mindfulness.

The quick answer to achieving our goals and the results we desire is developing the ability to practice mindfulness consistently. That is, to develop our individual capacity to practice living in the present moment consistently. It means to be fully engaged in the immediate plan we want to achieve each day without worry or regard to the past or the future, and to be resilient and get unstuck from negativity when things go haywire. It is the practice of re-focusing on the new present after we hit a perceived trauma or real trauma, and trudge forward in the moment without worry of the unknown path ahead. It is developing our ability to do this without anger, frustration or guilt for what has happened in the past. It is practicing mindfulness in our ability to open ourselves up and give fully in the process of love, not fear.

I have worked intensely on developing mindfulness to help me achieve my goals and results. I continue to develop my ability to overcome my perception of challenges and say, “so what?” My intent has never been to minimize a situation by using the words, “so what”, quit the opposite. It has been my statement to honor and acknowledge the obstacles from my past, as well as those that confront me every day. They help me move through obstacles more mindfully and be present. I have found those two words have helped me become more resilient and unstuck when I want to back down to my perceived fears. They make me smile and love more when I say them out loud in the context I use them. They also help ease my student’s anxieties when we are talking about their perceived and real traumas each day as a high school counselor and private triathlon coach.

I let go of my perceived fears and in return have been able to be more mindful, meet my goals and results. I am able to continue to positively work with my high school students and the triathletes I coach more mindfully. I am able to continue to build relationships that allow me to build my Playing for Purpose company and contribute to the greater good to others. This all would not have happened if I played into the hand of my fears two years ago and did not develop the ability to ignore my doubt, and learn to say, “so what”! So I challenge you to be more mindful and learn to say, “so what!”

Currently I have achieved great results from where I began as a coach, as a triathlete, and as a high school counselor. I have seen my students and athletes also achieve major breakthroughs with practicing mindfulness. I encourage you to practice mindfulness. Here are a couple resources that can help you and your teenagers practice mindfulness.

I would love to talk to you more about reaching your goals and helping your students, teams and athletes reach their goals. Please contact me for more information at

Be well,

Sam Kristensen

Founder, Playining for Purpose, LLC

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