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70.3 Oceanside Race Reflection

I have put this reflection off to see if my opinions would change over time but they haven't so I wanted to write now before I head to the St. George 70.3 North American Pro Championship Race this weekend. Oceanside was a great overall experience. I highly recommend it for those considering their races net season. My biggest word from my first race of the season and my 8th 70.3 race since I started racing in 2015 was and still is patience.

The numbers: Swim (1.2 Miles) 32:16, Bike (56 miles) 2:31:49, Run (13.1 miles) 1:29:43, Overall 4hr, 40min, 48sec. 89th Overall/3430, 9th/433 Age Group 35-39 Men.

(finish line just ahead-Run Leg PR!)

This was a great start for my 2017 season! I missed my 70.3 PR (4:38:38) set at 70.3 Arizona (3rd AG, 18th overall) last October by 2 minutes and 10 seconds. The Oceanside numbers show overall fitness improvement from my PR though. I pushed much higher normalized power on the bike on a more difficult bike course and ran myself to a 13.1 run PR by 7 minutes off the bike in a similar run course to Arizona 70.3. My swim numbers stayed consistent but I felt stronger and fresher coming out of the water in the swim to bike transition. I stayed patient early, steady on the bike with a few efforts so I could attempt an improved run at the end. It paid off for me on this day!

I Also spent a week in San Diego visiting family prior to Oceanside 70.3 and it was a joy to watch my Idaho daughter and niece play in the sand and water at the beach. Spending time with family has become more precious as I get older. It is amazing what life perspective does to you as events unfold and you get older. Those who know me well understand that I have always struggled with patience, diagnosed early in my childhood with tourette syndrome. Long training sessions and racing has helped me develop better habits to stay present and in the moment.

Another huge highlight for me was being able to check out the Wattie Ink. factory in Vista and meet up with my Team Director Robert Flanigan and Team Wattie Ink. teammates. Thanks for the beers Flanny! And thank you Tu for the bike course preview! I am looking forward to seeing many of you over the next few days in St. George. We are so fortunate to support each other from all over the country and race with the support of our amazing sponsors. Cheers to the remainder of the season to you all. I will continue to remain patient in my build to the 70.3 World Championship race in Chattanooga, TN this September.

Team Wattie Ink Sponsors: Cannondale Bikes Speedfil Herbalife24 Hoka One One Knight Composites Pioneer Cycle Sports ISM Seat Rudy Project Zealious Skin Care Eternal Water

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