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Playing for Purpose, Contributing to the Greater Good!

I am a little over the two year mark of creating Playing for Purpose.  I am excited and doing great with this start up venture.  My mission has always been to use this Triathlon Coaching business as a platform to contribute to the greater good.  I think we are definitely on our way!  

In the first two years we have been able to contribute towards many athletes in multiple states for coaching purposes.  Through Playing for Purpose, I have been able to coach many athletes to successful and happy outcomes.  The focus has always been about what is important to athletes on our journey through training together.  But my purpose has always been more ambitious than the athletic goals with Playing for Purpose and the athletes I work with.

Over the past two seasons I have been able to volunteer time, contribute to multiple individuals enduring cancer treatment, and also donate funds to multiple non-profit organizations from the coaching fees.  So far, Playing for Purpose has chosen to contribute to the Treasure Valley YMCA in Boise, The Inn Between in Utah (hospice care for homeless), The Idaho Youth Sports Commission (working with youth coaches, athletes, and parents in Idaho on sportsmanship), Bishop Kelly High School (Catholic High School in Idaho), and the CKG Foundation in Virginia (Youth Depression & Intervention).

This year, I have continued to find ways I can contribute to the greater good using Playing for Purpose.  I have recently accepted the Vice Chair board position of our local master swim organization, Sawtooth Masters (SAWS).  I have also been afforded the opportunity to work with SAWS and the Treasure Valley YMCA this April to help teach adults how to swim in the USMS adult learn to swim (ALTS) month in April.

Most recently, I have started to look at converting this business into a non-profit.  The intent has always been to contribute to the greater good while coaching and supporting others in their triathlon goals, health, and wellness.   I currently have the awesome fortune of working with 14 athletes right now. 

I am happy to report that so far this year, Playing for Purpose has been able to contribute or pledge at least $7,000 dollars to multiple non-profits in Boise, Idaho.  My goal is to build on supporting my athletes and continue donating as I expand and develop Playing for Purpose.  This project has fueled my soul in between my full time job as a high school counselor, dad of a five year old and four month old, wife, and personal training.  Thank you to Tritown Boise and owner Antonio Gonzalez!  You have really made this possible.  

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