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3 year anniversary! Giving more! What's New?

Playing for Purpose just turned 3 years old last month and I wanted to give you an update on my mission, whats coming up, and how you can support our purpose as we grow the brand.

In Review, What is Playing for Purpose? What have we done the past three years?

Playing for Purpose is my personal social entrepreneur start up brand and triathlon coaching platform that gives back coaching profits and ALL Product Profits.  I developed and work on this in the fringe hours between my high school counselor profession, my personal triathlon pursuits, and raising my two young kids with my wife, currently six and one years old.  It has been a busy three years and super rewarding!

The mission, My Purpose: is to support graduating high school students "going on" to post secondary education institutions.  Playing for Purpose seeks to reduce student loan debt for our scholarship recipients and provide more financial access to college for young people who demonstrate the need, the desire, and the work ethic to go on. 

Currently two annual $1,000 scholarships are awarded to one graduating male and female student who are selected. As the brand grows, so will our fund so we can give more.​  I will share more about our most recent recipients for this year's scholarships in June.

Community impact: Playing for Purpose has also donated $15,000 in coaching and brand item profits to Local Non-Profits over the past three years of existence!  I am very proud of that accomplishment and grateful for my athletes and brand supporters over the past three years!  

My Why

I benefited greatly from caring and dedicated educators and coaches growing up. They helped me in my development to go on to college and limit my student-loan debt through college scholarships. I have worked with thousands of students, athletes, and parents closely the past fifteen years as a High School Counselor, Athletic Director, and High School Coach. I currently work as a high school counselor and see the real life, "in the trenches" anxiety, need, and benefits of providing annual scholarships to graduating seniors because of my experience as a high school educator.

How you can help?

Share our story, Follow us on our social media Instagram and Facebook pages.  Purchase our brand products on our website store as we add more  and grow.  Interview with me to see if I could be a good coaching fit for you for triathlon goals for your next race or race season.

Coming Soon! A new Inspirational Pocket Book

In June I will be adding a 32 page Playing for Purpose inspirational pocket book to our store.  We will sell them for $11.00 with ALL purchase profits benefiting our annual scholarship fund.  If you would like to get on my list for updates on this project and be notified when they are available please Email me and I will add you to the list.

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